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Our Expertise

Our philosophy is simple: We create a better way to maximize every marketing dollar spent.

Our Approach: We Do It Better


In today’s industry, if a digital marketing agency tells you they are the only ones in the world that can do something, they obviously don’t get out much. Just about everyone has access to the same data, same networks, same targeting capabilities and more. The strategies, tactics and methods that we deploy for our clients aren’t new and aren’t unique to us. However, the difference between Max Connect and your current agency – we do it better.

Our proven methodologies that have been developed over years of experience, billions of data points, thousands of campaigns across multiple industries are what make Max Connect a nationally recognized digital marketing agency, and a Premier Google Partner.

Audience Buying / Programmatic Display

Nobody does audience buying and programmatic display better than Max Connect. Our unparalleled display advertising is what Max Connect was founded on. We’ve ran head-to-head with the top agencies in the world and have come out undefeated. We welcome a/b test against other agencies, as we know the outcome will be in our favor. If you are sick of not getting results for your display campaigns, give us a call.

Paid Search Marketing

We could go on and on and bore you with our in-depth keyword research, quality score strategies, keyword optimizations, industry leading ad copy writing skills and so much more that everyone who has ever set up an AdWords campaign will tell you, but the bottom line is this – there is a reason we are a Premier Google Partner, nuff said!

Cross Device Marketing

Stop for a moment and think about the number of devices you use during a given week. This is why you need a comprehensive and strategic cross device marketing approach. This doesn’t just mean you need to deliver ads across all devices, this means you also need to be thinking about the user experience across all devices. Sound exhausting? Don’t worry, we got you.

Display + Social + Video + Search

Reaching your customers and potential customers across all digital content they consume will keep your brand top of mind and put you in the right position at the right time, to increase sales for your business. We deploy the same targeting engine, methodologies and data on consumers across all channels. Display + Social + Video + Search. Our comprehensive cross channel approach will keep your brand in front of your customers across all digital channels and digital content they consume.

Offline + Online Strategy

Integrating your offline and online marketing strategies isn’t something you should be doing – it is something you must be doing. Your customers don’t view your brand as online vs. offline and you shouldn’t either. At Max Connect Marketing, we tackle this with a team of employees that have both years of online and offline experience.

Data Analysis & Optimizations

The digital marketing recipe for success is test, track & optimize. Nobody does that better or more meticulously than the team at Max Connect. We pride ourselves in generating ROI for every single campaign we run and finding ways to continually increase that ROI each and every month.

Actionable Reporting

Data without action is just numbers. Our reporting is not only comprehensive & in-depth, but it offers actionable take aways that our clients can deploy cross all marketing efforts immediately.

Good Ol' Customer Service

The american past time of great customer service is being lost in the data and technology of many digital agencies – not Max Connect. We value the relationships we have with our clients. We understand how important your businesses and campaigns are to you. That is why we take every account and every campaign personally.