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Max Connect Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping companies grow their business through innovative marketing strategies.


Our philosophy is simple: We create a better way to maximize every marketing dollar spent.

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623,849 Clicks Generated | 2014 By The Numbers

There was a lot that happened in 2014 at Max Connect, so we decided to take a look back at 2014 by the numbers, there were some good, bad, wild and just hilarious numbers. We decided to take the top numbers and put them into a campaign we call “2014 By The... read more

388 Yerba Mates Consumed | 2014 By The Numbers

It’s Friday! and you know what that means.. Time to crack a cold one. At Max Connect our drink of choice is Yerba Mate – thanks to one of our partners ties to Argentina. So our “2014 By The Numbers” series rolls on with the number 388. This... read more

13,586 Ads In Market | 2014 By The Numbers

Our “2014 By The Numbers” series continues with the number 13,586. This represents the number of ads we had in market for our clients. We had ads online, in magazines, in newspapers, on the radio and on TV. With over 13,586 ads in market in 2014, our... read more


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